Information for Students

Students from a variety of background, ages and countries come to Australia with Australian Student Accommodation. We assist independent students, younger students, mothers and children, and lots of teenagers to attend study tours in Australia.

Every student has different requirements. Some like pets, some like children in the home, and some prefer to cook their own meals and be totally independent. But all students want to stay with an Australian family so they can experience our unique Australian culture.

Homestay offers a stress-free living environment from the moment you arrive in Australia, removing the need for you to worry about finding somewhere to live, having electricity connected, or doing the grocery shopping. Your host family will help you settle in, familiarising you with your new surroundings and the journey to your place of study. You will have your own room (unless you requested twin-share) usually with a study desk and a comfortable bed and two or three meals a day depending upon the package that you have requested.

For students old enough to use public transport, your host family will not provide transport unless this has been specifically requested. Students are expected to catch a bus, train, ferry or light rail to their place of study. Unless you have requested ‘Room Only’ accommodation, the homestay family will spend evening meals with you and converse with you so that your level of English will greatly improve.

Homestay should be a positive and rewarding experience. All families have undergone an orientation process, homes have been inspected and your family will have support from the Homestay Coordinators if they experience any difficulties hosting students. Families apply to take part in the program to experience a cross cultural exchange, to learn from you about your country and to help their own children meet and better understand people from all over the world.

Although homestay may require you to confront fundamental differences between cultures and a different way of living, the benefits certainly outweigh any problems you may encounter. Australian Student Accommodation staff are here to ensure you have a successful homestay experience whilst living and studying in South-East Queensland or Northern New South Wales and will do everything in our power to assist you to achieve this goal.

We have over 1,000 friendly families waiting to welcome you into their home and hearts. If you would like to become part of an Australian family to help improve your English while studying, please complete the homestay student application.

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